Mother’s Sapphire ring-turned-pendant

Mother left client a gorgeous sapphire & diamond ring; however, it was rarely worn because she did not like wearing rings. We used the stones and designed a pendant.

Right: See the process of taking the stones from the original ring, laying them out for the pendant, creating the CAD, to the finished piece!


Husband’s Wedding Band-Turned-Pendant

One of the most sentimental pieces I have done. The outer ring of this pendant was the client’s husband’s first wedding band that she gave him over sixty years before. Her daughters requested the cross of their mother’s home church designed for the center.


Cornflower Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Client requested a sapphire ring. I sourced this 2.3ct pale royal blue sapphire and designed the ring with two half-moon shaped diamonds.


Topaz Necklace

This stone was a gift from the client’s grandmother, who got it in Brazil. Client was saving it for someone special so he decided to put it in a necklace for his girlfriend.


Wedding Set

Center stone was a gorgeous family heirloom! The design process was exciting for these sweet friends. I 3d printed a plastic prototype to be sure the fit and proportions looked and felt perfect.


Elephant Ring

The Star Sapphire was in a ring given to the client in the 70s. It was a special gift from her parents but a tad outdated and not her style. So we designed this funky elephant ring for the beautiful stone.


Sapphire and Diamond Band

A thoughtful husband brought this project to me to create a wedding band that his artist wife could wear while working. We decided on a low-profile band with diamonds and sapphires that could withstand hardworking hands.


Montana Sapphire and Diamond Ring

When this client’s husband surprised her with a new diamond wedding ring, she wanted to make something special out of the first diamond engagement ring he gave her. She also had these two loose beautiful Montana Sapphires (one of my favorites gems!) that we combined with the gorgeous diamond in yellow gold.


New Wedding Set

These stones came from a combination of special rings the client had. We used what she had and made something new and extra special.