Betsy Sanders is a jewelry designer specializing in creating custom jewelry and breathing new life into heirloom pieces.



Betsy started her career at Tiffany & Co. as a CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) Developer where she was responsible for all digital design aspects related to new product development, inclusive of initial design proposals. Designing digital models for both the fashion and bridal markets at the forefront of the jewelry industry, she was afforded access to an extensive pool of professional resources and design technology available. These past years with Tiffany & Co. have advanced her technical acumen and encouraged her to explore the breadth of her own creative capacity

She graduated from the University of Alabama.  Through an interdisciplinary degree, she combined entrepreneurial studies, design, and studio art classes. Following her undergraduate degree, Betsy earned her diplomas as a Graduate Jeweler and in Jewelry Design & Technology from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.

Betsy attended the GIA 2018 Symposium - Global Leadership Program, Harvard Business School Track.

With the knowledge of craft, fabrication and the fast-moving design and manufacturing technology, Betsy is excited to bring unique and exciting ideas and designs to the world of jewelry.


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